Life in a Frozen World

Life in a Frozen World

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Award-winning nature writer Mary Batten uncovers the climate change mysteries of our planet’s coldest, most extreme environment—Antarctica.

Did you know that Antarctica could be the key to long-standing questions about the Earth and climate change? Though it seems very far away from us at the bottom of the world, this frozen continent affects weather, ocean currents, and sea levels all over the Earth. Its wildlife survives—and even thrives—on ice. And in the long run, so do we.

From award-winning, experienced nature writer Mary Batten comes a remarkable nonfiction picture book that plumbs the mysteries of one of the most hostile environments on the planet. With clear, engaging language, Batten explores fascinating questions that scientists the world over have been researching.

In the intensely cold, windy, and dry environment of Antarctica, how does a wide variety of wildlife survive? How do some species of Antarctic fishes make a natural antifreeze that prevents their blood from freezing solid? How does a forest of giant seaweed flourish under the sea when no other trees grow on the continent? Antarctica’s creatures are exquisitely adapted to their extreme habitat, but can they survive warmer waters and atmosphere?

An ideal resource for young science lovers and educators, this informative volume is perfect for classroom units on climate change, conservation, ecology, environment, nature, oceanography, and more.

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