OceanX Adventures: Mystery at the Aquarium
OceanX Adventures: Mystery at the Aquarium

OceanX Adventures: Mystery at the Aquarium

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Dive into an OceanX Adventure! Junior journalist Marena Montoya and her BFF Aisha use critical thinking, curiosity, and serious science to get to the bottom of strange goings-on at the aquarium and beyond!

What’s causing a mysterious power outage at the local aquarium? Best friends and curious 5th-grade conservationists Marena and Aisha have an exciting theory. Following the advice of their OceanX mentor, they search for real scientific evidence, and embark on a fact-finding mission that leads to some spooky sleuthing. Are they on the verge of an out-of-this world discovery? Or did their imaginations go entirely too far?

This page-turning adventure combines the scientific discoveries of the world-renowned OceanX project with an intrepid new heroine who learns the power of speaking up, asking questions, and learning from mistakes.

MEET THE OCEAN EXPLORERS: 5th-grade junior journalist Marena, her BFF Aisha, and Marena’s teenage brother Lucas use critical thinking and sound science to solve mysteries at the aquarium and beyond.

MENTORED BY OCEANX: Marena and Aisha are mentored by Dr. Anna Knowles, whose character is inspired by the real-life scientists of the world-renowned OceanX project.

REAL SCIENCE: Each mystery is based on actual oceanic science research and discoveries, and is filled with fascinating facts about the ocean world.

MIDDLE-GRADE MILESTONES: Once proud of her curiosity and endless questions, 11-year-old Marena is starting to feel self-conscious about calling attention to herself. With the encouragement of her teacher and mentor, she learns to embrace the qualities that make her special.

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