Beachcomber's Companion Cards

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Beachcombers of all ages, take note: there IS a way to identify the critters you've collected at the shore! And you can do it without bringing along a field guide that might get dropped in the surf!

Introducing Beachcomber's Companion, a fun twist on the traditional field guide. Waterproof and portable, Beachcomber's Companion features 50 common Atlantic coast marine invertebrates, beautifully illustrated (and scientifically accurate), and held together with a clip. Packaged in a mesh collecting bag, each set comes with a special marking pencil for the checklist card, so every critter you find on each trip to the beach can be recorded and wiped clean for next time! Cards provide common and scientific names for each organism, along with classification information, details on size, shape, and color, and where to look for it. Fun and strange facts for each organism are also included.

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