Oceanus Magazine: Arctic Research

Oceanus Magazine: Arctic Research

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Get your very own copy of Oceanus Magazine: Arctic Research Vol. 37,  No. 2, 1994. Get yours today!


  • Fifteen Years of Arctic Acoustics and Ice Camps
  • Tracking Radioactive Contamination in the Siberian Arctic
  • Deep Water Formation in the Greenland Sea
  • Maintaining the Thermohaline Circulation
  • Dense Water Formation on Arctic Shelves
  • Where the Arctic Meets the North Atlantic: Exploring the Barents Sea Polar Front
  • A Buoy for All Arctic Seasons: The Ice-Ocean Environmental Buoy
  • A Glimpse Beneath the Ice
  • Acoustics Probe Sea-Ice Mechanics
  • Arctic Infrastructure--The Need for Dedicated Arctic Research Support
  • Icebreakers Transit Arctic for Global Climate Studies

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