WHOI X CC Coral Ring
WHOI X CC Coral Ring
WHOI X CC Coral Ring

WHOI X CC Coral Ring

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Coral is a vital part of our ocean’s ecosystem. But in recent years, coral reefs have been dying at an alarming rate as a result of development, climate change, and disease. The Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has started the 'Give Reefs a Chance' campaign to spread awareness for the issues facing coral reefs and the ways everyone can help. 

Help protect our coral reefs with this one of a kind WHOI X CC Coral Ring!


  • Comes in 2 adjustable sizes:
    Small - Size 7.5 (UK/AU N-P) 17.7mm - Most Women
    Large - Size 10.5 (UK/AU T-V) 20.2mm - Larger Fingers, Most Men, Thumb
  • Sterling Silver Plated w/ a Brass Base
  • Drawstring bag for transportation
  • 15% of profits support WHOI
  • Keep your ring in tip-top shape by following our ring care guide.


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